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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Patrick Barnett (Ft. Worth, TX)


Playin' Games

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Patrick "P.A.T" Barnett is back with his latest music video for his verse on he and fellow Runway Boy Venem's song from their forthcoming album "The Adjustment Bureau" entitled "Playin' Games". The song is about the issues that arise sometimes in relationships between men and women. The video features emcee P.A.T. and model Mico The Great and has production by King Kong of Monkey Donk Productions; press play and enjoy. Be on the lookout for Runway Boyz Clothing which will be coming soon to a web address near you.

Off of success from the mixtape scene Runway Boyz P.A.T. and Venem will be releasing a joint album together. The album has been named "The Adjustment Bureau". As a precursor to the album a mixtape entitled "Prior to Adjustment" will be released featuring old favorites from both artists as well as a few new tracks. These works will also feature production from King Kong of Monkey Donk Productions.
Miles Stone (Atlanta, GA)


Keep It Player (Dir. by Carine Cassell)

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A milestone is defined as a stone set up beside a road to mark the distance to particular place, or an action or event marking a significant change or development. This describes the music of Jovan Turner, born & raised in North Carolina, now residing in Atlanta, GA. His ability of wordplay, as shown through his songwriting and spoken word, can only be described as creative and unique. Miles Stone's “Blue Collar” mixtape hosted by DJ Blaze, an Arsonist DJ, is out now on LiveMixtapes & Datpiff!
Sonee Black (Houston, TX)


Follow: @SoneeBlackBHMG
Trel Mack Ft. Q The Question (Philadelphia, PA)


Inspired By Greatness

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Building a strong blog presence over the last year being featured on every major site Philly's Trel Mack has gained much critical acclaim from his ep "Inspired By Greatness". Here is his latest video which is the intro from "Inspired By Greatness" ft. Q The Question!
Futuristic Ft. Dizzy Wright (Mesa, AZ)


Play In The Rain

Follow: @OnlyFuturistic @DizzyWright

The homie Kareem Williams aka Lefty just sent us a banger from Az artist Futuristic who just drop the video for “Play In The Rain,” a record where he teams up with 2013 XXL Freshmen Class member, Dizzy Wright. On this record we have the two emcees opening about their flaws, their problems and issues. The two do an amazing job flowing on this therapeutic-like beat, displaying great delivery.The record is produced by AKT Aktion, watch the video above.

Monday, August 12, 2013

60 East (Ontario, CA)


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60 East is 1/3 of the Hip Hop Collective "First Dirt".  After performing at last years SXSW 2012 and going on a Nationwide Tour around the U.S, 60 decided to lead his teams campaign to earn a slot at this years 2013 Paid Dues Festival. After 365 days of hard work and dedication he and his team were able to earn an invitation to perform at this years Paid Dues by Co-Founder and Hip Hop Icon MURS.  Since the festival 60 and his team have gone on a college tour threwout the West Coast and have been getting booked for several major festivals including NXNW, Speak Your Mind Festival, DIY Fesdtival and many more.  Aside from working on their first group project, 60 East is about to release his 2nd mixtape and currently working on his freshman album.  This song is the single to his latest project which is titled "10,000 Hours".  60 East known for his deep,passionate themes,wordplay and being very lyrical has managed to establish a solid fanbase that is eager to hear more of what he has in store.
Toke Ft. Drea (Jersey City, NJ)

My House

Follow: @tokebest1

Toke is getting set to release the "Fresh Out Da Box" EP in late August. This track "My House" feat Drea of The Ish Productions is a versatile track guaranteed to rock the party, knock at your BBQ, and also works for just chilling on the block.

"My House" was produced by Frankie G of the ISH Productions, credits also include Raekwon, Styles P, and many others.
Lucchi (Norcross, GA)

Signature Thoughts

Follow: @Lucchi4k

Lucchi's "Signature Thoughts" is an audio diary entry that touches on his current situation as a potential artist on the come up. Dealing with inner circle issues and not being where he feels he should be in the music industry... This track is filled with raw emotion, motivation, and advice that the youth needs in hip hop today. Lucchi uses Rapsody's Shinin Moment beat off her Black Mamba Mixtape. This track will be on FMR FMB 2 which is planned to drop in July 2013.
DJ YRS Jerzy Ft. Chox-Mak (Jersey City, NJ)


Follow: @iamdjyrsjerzy @chox_mak910

DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak are really taking the underground music scene by storm. Now being recognized by major label execs they continue to take their grind to the next level. This track is named "1995" it is a track that just gives you a 90's hip hop type of vibe. DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak are currently working with alot of up and coming producers such as DR.G which is the producer behind this single. It is a track that was featured on Chox-Mak's recently released 4-Track EP "Audio Murder".
Mirage512 & Side Effect (Austin, TX)


Lights Out (Prod. by Dee Metto)

Follow: @SideEffect215 @MIRAGE512 @DeeMetto

Mirage512 and Side Effect are from Austin, TX and are collectively known as The Undergrind. They have linked up with super producer Dee Metto from Switzerland to deliver this remix banger "Lights Out". Stay tuned for more collabs with Dee Metto coming soon!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

OG Chess x CMV2 Interview x Naztradamas

OG Chess talks Chess Moves Vol. 2, Keeping it OG, & New sounds coming out of Houston. Filmed at the Fire House, Houston, TX.

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Elevator Jay (Charlotte, NC)

Audio Sex

Follow: @elevatorjay
Rob Forte (Miami, FL)

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R2G: Detour EP

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Rob Forte, a young artist out of Miami, is a force to be reckoned with. Representing Miami, as well as The Academy, he will definitely show the world that he is capable of doing more than just being a lyricist.
F.Y.I. ( Los Angeles, CA)


Clap Clap

Follow: @FYIpsalms

It makes perfect sense that F.Y.I.'s latest video puts the viewer right into the heart of Los Angeles' afterhours scene where hoodsters, hipsters, and everything in between can become somebody else even if it is for a moment. Which leaves folks to ask the question, "What does it profit the party goer to become totally turned up but lose control?"
MoPizza (Denton, TX)

The Weekend Warm-Up EP

Follow: @mopizza

The Luchador from Denton is back with another project for you to get ready for the weekend with.