Medium size dehumidifier

If you’re looking for a dehumidifier with a best balance of efficiency, reliability and quietness, the Soleus Air CFM-40 E 40-Pint Dehumidifier with Humidistat is the one for you.

Soleus Air CFM-40 E 40-Pint Dehumidifier with Humidistat

With built-in wheels and carry handle, the Soleus Air CFM-40 E is small and portable, designed for your convenience and easy use. At 30.8 pounds, it can be moved about from the basement to the bedroom anytime according to need. For other brands reviews go to

The Soleus Air CFM-40 E’s streamline body comes with a 12.5-pint removable water bucket, this should enough to reduce the frequency that you must discard the water. Anyway, when this drainage tank is full, the dehumidifier will automatically shut off to prevent overflow, and an indicator light will be shown. Easier still, there is an optional port for continuous drainage through hose.

Best feature of Soleus Air CFM-40 E

Reviews have identified the best feature of the Soleus Air CFM-40 E to be its quietness. Compared to other models which may extract moisture more quickly, the Soleus Air CFM-40 E is relatively much quieter and running at 2.9 amps it is still able to work efficiently.

Other features

Measuring at 24 x 18.5 x 13 inches, the Soleus Air CFM-40 E has manual and soft touch control, washable air filter, and movable louvers on top to direct the air at your preferred angle. The humidistat has four settings, i.e. continuous dehumidification, 50%, 60% and 70%. The processor will turn off when humidity level is reached, but the fan will continue to run (this feature is celebrated by one review but complained of in another). The three fan settings available are Medium, High and Quiet.

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How Medication helps you to have an Healthy Eye

The eyes are an important and sensitive part of the human body that require more care and precaution than any other part of the body. Due to their high sensitivity, the eyes are easily prone to air-borne diseases and the lurking allergens of the environment.

People living in harsh weather conditions are more likely to be affected by eye diseases and conditions than people residing in a place having moderate climatic conditions. Common eye conditions like dry eyes or pink eye are often cause by allergens present in the air along with the bacteria residing on a person’s upper and lower eyelids.
The eye diseases described below are common in nature and can be treated with the regular use of medication.

Eye Allergies

You know you’ve got an eye allergy when your eyes get irritated, itchy and red with tears coming out all the time. Sometimes, you may also experience swelling of the eyelids along with a burning sensation or pain. Eye allergies are caused by dust, pollen and other bacterial particles present in the surrounding air.

Antihistamine Eye Drops

Antihistamine eye drops are easily available in pharmacies and can be bought over the counter. These eye drops can help relieve the itchiness and swelling caused by allergens. The drops also help in reducing redness of the eyes. Though antihistamine drops can be used multiple times a day, their usage should not exceed a time period of three days. These drops are often used in combination with other eye medication like decongestants and mast cell stabilizers etc.


Due to their potential adverse side effects, corticosteroids are only prescribed to patients having severe eye allergy symptoms. The prescription usually lasts for two days or less depending on the severity of the eye allergy.

Vasoconstrictor Drops for the Eyes

Redness of the eyes is caused due to the swelling of its blood vessels. Vasoconstrictor drops help reduce this swelling and get rid of the redness. These drops should not be used by patients suffering from glaucoma. Individuals with eye allergies should also limit its use to a few days.

Anti-inflammatory Non-steroidal Drops

These prescription eye drops may cause a burning sensation on application which reduces the swelling and irritation in the eyes.

Mast Cell Stabilizers

These drops are indicated for use prior to exposure of allergens. The mast cells in the eyes are stabilized with these drops and they produce less amounts of histamine. If used in combination with antihistamine, mast cell stabilizers can offer promising results.

You can also stay clear of allergies by using the proper contact lenses and visionary aids. You can even save on Focus Dailies Toric Lenses.

Dry Eyes

People having dry eyes often suffer from irritation and a burning sensation in the eyes. The symptoms may also include blurred vision and sensitivity to bright lights. Dry eyes are often caused by illness and the usage of different medication from time to time. Inflammation of the eyes along with external damage and an increased level of tear evaporation are also responsible for causing dry eyes.
Artificial Tears
Artificial tears may be available in the form of eye drops or gels. These help relieve dry eye symptoms with regular application. You can buy these drops and gels over-the-counter at any pharmacy or you can also get a prescription.
Contact Lenses
People using contact lenses should avoid using multiple eye drops in a single day. The ingredient used in making the eye lubricant may not be suitable for your lenses. Therefore, you should check for contraindicating ingredients in eye drops and gels before purchase. You can also use good quality contact lenses to avoid further damage. If you are looking for great contact lenses at an affordable price then you can now save on Focus Dailies Toric Lenses.
Eye Ointments
There are also several lubricating eye ointments designated for use before bedtime. These ointments work well during the night and should not be used during the daytime as they tend to reduce the effectiveness of other eye drops. Patients with glaucoma should also avoid using these ointments as it can render their medication ineffective.
Eyes are precious and they require special care. You can easily retain your eye health by simply eating right and avoiding the wrong type of medication. It is also advisable that you should contact an eye specialist whenever symptoms persist.

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5 Quick Decorating Tips to Transform Your Living Room

There is nothing more relaxing than unwinding to a DVD or listening to some music whilst snuggling your partner in the living room. The living room is a place of relaxation, a place to unwind, a place to recharge and a place in which we spend so much time. So why not transform this part of your house into something truly relaxing? Here’s five quick ways to decorating your living room….

Pillows and cushions

One of the easiest ways to transform the look of your living room is by adding some great looking modern cushions and pillows. Big floral patterns are in this year and splashing a contrast of color across your lounge suite is as easy as picking up some new cushions and pillows. Try to grab contrasting colors to your lounge suite so as they stand out and make a subtle statement whilst not drawing away from the room itself.

Colors that contrast with the walls and lounge will allow the true color of these other objects to captivate and enhance the look of your living room. Try to add a few different styles of cushion to the living room and make sure you take into account the desired effect you are trying to maintain.

Contrast and Colors

Colors are everything and can make a well furnished room look drab and boring, or even worse it could make the room seem overbearing. Try to ensure that you pick a warm relaxing color that will splash the walls with style and give it a warmer feel. If you are heading towards wallpaper then try to get oversized prints that will give your room a unique feel. When choosing colors for your living room you need to take into account your walls, floor, furniture and feel. Making sure that the colors compliment each other should be paramount and a good mix will create a relaxed, warm room that you will find hard to tear yourself away from.


A great way to add a touch of class to any room is to add some artwork. Less is more however in this situation, you want something that well look great on the walls but not be a centre piece that draws away from the room itself. Try and get something that compliments the colors of the room, adding contrast and poise without taking away the flavor of the room. Too often you see artwork that adorns the walls of a person’s house that clashes with the colors of the walls and furniture within. Try not to put multiple paintings up on the same wall unless the paintings themselves compliment each other. Adding artwork is a simple, quick way to add style to your living room, without spending a fortune. Buy a good quality best rated gun safe for keeping your guns instead of storing them under sofas.

Rugs and bean bags

A great rug that adorns the floor of a living room can be an easy way to add style without costing an arm and a leg. The wrong rug however, can make the room a fashion disaster. Try to steer clear of overbearing patterns and styles and try to take into account the other colors you have in the room. Nice dark colors are a great way to soften the feel of the room, whilst bright colors will add warmth and glow.

Make sure you think through what theme you are trying to add to the room before you buy your rug. Bean bags are also a great addition and a cost effective solution, but they can look tacky if you aren’t careful. Try to get solid colors that can occupy a space without drawing attention to them. Again, one needs to ensure that the color scheme matches that of other furniture items in the room.


Furniture is the centre piece of any living room and will often be the first thing that gets noticed when one walks into the room. Great furniture selection is paramount when decorating any living room and should be the basis of the color scheme of that room. Camel back couches are in this year and contrasting colors again is a big thing.Furniture items like sleeper sofas are great choices. To know more about sofas go to sleeper sofa reviews.

The colors of your furniture should bring out the colors of the floors and walls without clashing and making too strong a statement. Solid colors are great, but if you need to go floral then make sure your walls are a solid color. There is nothing worse than walking into a room of just flowers and patterns, patterns should be accentuated by solid colors.

These are just some of the ways to boost the look of your living room in a quick and stylish manner. Good luck with the decorating and try not to clash the color schemes!

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